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Business Tips June 4, 2014


By Dan Messina

I was at a trade show in Baltimore and had just finished my seminar when a business owner came up to me and said he had a problem in his company. He went on to explain that he did not like his drivers and that they hated him. He is the owner of the company and yet he hates to go to work on a daily basis! When you have this type of environment everyone suffers. This includes people you are having a problem with as well as all the other employees. Eventually your customers will sense that the people pro- viding them with the service are unhappy. If you lose these customers, this will definitely end up costing your money.

With this in mind let’s take a look at some ways to improve the morale of your company:

   1. The first step to improve morale begins at the top with the employer/owner. You must recognize the value of your employees and realize that they are the ones who make you money. Many businesses have the attitude that employees are “a dime a dozen”. If one leaves, another can be found to take their place without too much trouble. While this may be true to some extent, the cost of advertising, interviewing and training a new employee can be cost prohibitive.

   2. Let your employees know they are appreciated. A simple pat on the back or a few words about a job well done will go a long way and it doesn’t cost you anything.

   3. Provide employee perks such as casual Friday, free lunches and cash bonuses or gift certificates. You might want to have a company softball team or a sponsored event for your employees. This makes the employees happy while you’re able to get some good advertising out of the event.

   4. Offer bonuses such as financial incentives, company cars or other prizes. This gives employees a goal to work toward and can create enthusiasm which is often contagious among employees. Open the lines of communication with employees to find out what kind of programs would get them motivated. This will also enable them to feel that they are an important contributing part of the company.

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Discover ARADirect

ARA-Direct-Logo Color smallA Better Solution for Selling Abandoned Vehicles

As a tow operator, the abandoned vehicles on your lot can quickly become a financial burden. In the past, there were only two ways to sell these vehicles, via auction houses or by bringing an auctioneer on site. Today, there is a new way.  

Introducing ARADirect, a revolutionary online auction platform that allows you to easily sell vehicles from your lot without moving them!   The Automotive Recycler’s Association (ARA) program allows you to directly upload your inventory to the site for instant auction and exposure to hundreds of auto recyclers throughout North America. Here’s why you need to start selling your vehicles through ARADirect TODAY…

  • ZERO Seller Fee; Nominal User Fee
    Paying less in fees means more money in your pocket.


  • ZERO Transportation Fee
    Eliminate the cost of transporting abandoned vehicles to physical auctions by selling them from your lot.


  • Daily Auctions
    No need to wait for the next auction. Deals are happening every day online.


  • Support Your State Towing Association
    A small portion of your user fee goes directly to your local state towing association which ultimately benefits you.


  • Ease of Use
    Our mobile app makes listing vehicles simple. It’s as easy as scanning the vehicle’s VIN bar code and snapping some photos!  


Start selling through ARADirect today. Sign-up is easy and it’s FREE.

Register at and then download the iBidSmart mobile app from Android or Apple.

ARADirect is powered by iBidSmart, an expertly crafted technology that enables vehicle suppliers to run their own auctions online.

Selling Impounded and Abandoned Vehicles in Texas Is Easy with IAA

As an automotive auction partner of the Southwest Tow Operators Association, IAA is proud to introduce the Texas Abandonment Sale — a better way to sell the impounded and abandoned vehicles on your lot. Traditionally, tow operators have relied on crushing to dispose of abandonments. However, these units often have more value at an IAA auction. By consigning these vehicles to auction with IAA, you could increase your profits by hundreds of dollars.

We’re here to help every step of the way. From title procurement solutions to quick and easy payment options, we offer the services you need to get vehicles to auction and money in your pocket — fast:


  • Securing proper title/sale documents. Having the right documents can mean more cash for your vehicles. We can help you acquire the most favorable title documents for the highest sale prices.
  • Vehicle enhancements. Our on-site sales highlight Run & Drive® vehicles, delivering higher sale prices. Washing vehicles, replacing fluids, making minor repairs and cutting keys are among the additional services we can provide to get you more cash.  
  • Buyer marketing. IAA markets your vehicles to our international buyer base from 110+ countries. Marketing includes internet materials, emails, flyers, window stickers, and ads for maximum exposure and maximum sale price.
  • Guaranteed buyer payment. After the auction, you receive the proceeds from the sale within three business days. And the winning bid price is guaranteed — no reneges, no chasing buyer payment.


To sell the abandoned vehicles on your lot at IAA’s first Texas Abandonment Sale on April 29, they must be consigned by 4:30 p.m. on April 25. The sale will be run through the IAA Dallas-Ft. Worth branch. To learn more, or to begin the consignment process, visit our dedicated Southwest Tow Operators page.

Important Rule Ammendments and Changes

There have been a number of recent rule changes and ammendments to storage and booting laws that went into effect March 15. You need to know these updates!

Click here to view the rule changes

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