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TDLR Face-To-Face Region 6

On March 24, in STO's Region 6, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation held its third regional, face-to-face strategic planning session in Dallas. Tommy Anderson, executive director of STO, Jason Ward, STO Region 6 representative, and the entire STO office staff also attended this meeting.

"I thought it was a great meeting, but I was surprised there were only 25 or 30 towers there," said Joann Messina, STO's co-founder and legislative chair. "One of the things TDLR is doing well with towers is communication, and having these regional meetings was huge." She said TDLR hosting regional meetings, rather than only having meetings in Austin, was a big improvement. She also is presiding officer of the TDLR Towing, Booting and Storage Advisory Board.

Jim Fuller, owner of Fuller's Towing in Canton, was dubious about the meetings, but adamant that tower involvement is essential in the process to educate TDLR reps on the industry.

"What I'm happy about most is the fact that we are having good participation at these meetings in most areas," STO's Anderson said.

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Bridgestone Firestone Tires

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TDLR Face-To-Face Region 4

On March 17, 2014, in STO's Region 4, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation held its first regional, face-to-face strategic planning session (several are scheduled around the state).
The open sessions had scheduled times with different groups overseen by TDLR; the department is looking to open the lines of communication and find ways to better interact with businesses in the state.
At the meeting in Region 4, STO 2nd Vice President David Escalera (owner of 956 Towing), said approximately 40 towing companies were on-hand to discuss TDLR practices and impacts on towing and storage facilities. Also attending the meeting were Fidel Cortez, Region 4 Director, Ramiro Sanchez, Past 2nd Vice President, and other STO members.

"TDLR wanted to see and brainstorm with local towers for input how they feel about TDLR," Escalera said. "It was opinionated stuff; what towers like and don't like about the program and what changes they'd like to see made."
"It was about trying to find a common ground to make things more efficient."
He said the meeting followed an itinerary set by TDLR that kicked off with questions from the department on what towers felt it was doing right. Many felt that the meeting itself was a positive step.

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Hooks Towing and Recovery Supplies

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