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Legislative Update October 29, 2020

Legislative Update
October 29, 2020

Today is the last day to early vote, which closes out the longest early voting period we have ever had.
Leading up to Tuesday brings much excitement, anticipation, and hopefully an end to a highly polarizing
campaigning cycle.

As of yesterday, we have officially surpassed 50% turnout with 8,525,424 Texans having voted early.
That is more than the total number of people who voted in the 2016 General Election. It is interesting to
note, there are still four million voters who have voted in a previous General Election who have NOT
voted yet.

In the 30 counties with the most registered voters, nearly 1 out of every 6 votes has been cast by
someone who has not voted in any of the last four primary and general elections. That’s over 1.1M
“new” votes in these counties.

By the time of all the Election Day votes and mail-in ballots are counted, Texas will likely hit recordbreaking
turnout levels this election, surpassing 60% of registered voters for the first time since the early
1990s. The surge in votes is in part due to high turnout during early voting and increases in registered
voters in Texas’ growing urban and suburban counties.

Speaker Politics

Speaker Dennis Bonnen did not seek re-election to the Texas House of Representatives opening up, not
only his House District seat, but also the House leadership position for the upcoming legislative session.

As of today, six legislators have announced their intent to run for the Speaker of the House. Senfronia
Thompson (D-Houston) – filed 10/23; Trey Martinez-Fisher (D-San Antonio) – filed 10/26; Chris Paddie
(R-Marshall) – filed on 10/30; Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin) – filed on 10/30; John Cyrier (R-Lockhart) – filed on
10/30; Oscar Longoria (D-Mission) – filed on 10/30; and Geanie Morrison (R-Victoria) – filed on 10/30.
We just received notice that John Cyrier has decided not to run for speaker and rather place his support
with Geanie Morrison. The Harris Co. Democratic delegation and Texas Legislative Black Caucus,
representing 23 members, have publicly supported Thompson.

Pre-filing of Legislation

On Monday, November 9th, Legislators will begin pre-filing legislation for the upcoming 87th Legislative
Session. Our lobby team and attorneys will review all legislation as it is filed.

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