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Essential Businesses

Important – Essential Businesses


We hope that you and your families are doing well and remain safe during these unusual times.  It goes without saying that none of us have experienced anything like this in our lifetime.  Regardless of orders in particular counties in Texas, our association is still working on your behalf.


While we believe the services that we render to consumers, law enforcement, and auto mechanics around the state fall within the “essential duties” set out by the U.S. Homeland Security Office, we have been hearing different jurisdictions may be handling it differently depending on the local order. 


Today, Southwest Tow Operators contacted Governor Abbott’s staff to request that tow truck operators and businesses be deemed an essential business.  It is important to the safety of those still on the roadways to not have to worry about vehicles on the side of the road.  Likewise, it does not make sense for these vehicles to be sitting until the order is lifted when auto mechanics and body shops are considered essential. 


Please contact Governor Abbott’s office today to ask him to deem towing companies as an essential business to keeping our roadways safe and clear. 


Governor Abbott’s Phone Number:  512-463-2000.


Thank you,


Southwest Tow Operators

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