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Sunset Survey - Please Read


The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)’s mission, operations, and performance are undergoing Sunset review as directed by the Texas Legislature in the Texas Sunset Act. The Sunset Advisory Commission evaluates state agencies to determine if they are still needed and operating effectively. Based on the commission’s recommendations, the Legislature decides whether to continue an agency and, if so, how to improve its effectiveness, efficiency, fairness, and accountability.

As the Sunset Commission’s staff, we are seeking input from licensees to help identify problems and propose workable solutions for agencies under Sunset review. Please complete the Sunset survey on TDLR linked below by December 6, 2019. Completing the survey should take about 15 minutes. TDLR is sending this notice to you on behalf of the Sunset Commission, but your responses will come directly to Sunset staff, are confidential, and will not be shared with TDLR. To ensure the free flow of information, any other comments you wish to provide before the Sunset staff report is published in June 2020 also are confidential and will not be shared with the agency.

Please note: State law specifies that programs transferred to TDLR on or after September 1, 2016, are not under review. Although these programs are not subject to abolishment, and Sunset staff will not evaluate their professional standards or requirements, we would like to hear your views regarding how TDLR operates and appreciate you also completing the survey.

Sunset survey on TDLR

Join our email list for updates on the Sunset staff report and public hearings on TDLR. Visit the Sunset website to learn more about the Sunset review process. If you have specific questions about the Sunset review on TDLR, please contact Emily Johnson at (512) 4631300 or

We greatly appreciate your assistance and look forward to receiving your comments and ideas.


Jennifer Jones
Executive Director
Sunset Advisory Commission

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