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Increase Your Tows

TowTrax is a free phone app that can be used by consumers, motor clubs, or other large customers to request on-demand tows on IOS and Android smart phones. TowTrax is designed to give both large and small tow companies tows they never had before along with a way to monitor existing business. The tow fees are pre-determined by region. TowTrax gives you a new revenue stream while reducing expenses.

Dispatch can monitor the location of each driver and the activity of each truck in your fleet giving the customer a quick response by sending the closest truck to the tow.
Why use TowTrax?

• Easily accessible
• Works on all smartphones
• Free download
• Easy to install
• Improved ETA's
• Gives you tows you never had
• Additional revenue streams
• Reduces your fuel bill
• Know where your trucks are
• Dispatch can see what drivers are available
• QuickBooks interface
• Audible job notifications to drivers
• Produces customer receipt that can be used as tow ticket
• Track driver productivity for payroll
• Option to accept or reject calls
• Know fee prior to tow; no "negotiating"
• Accurate, automatic mileage tracking
• Dispatch and customer can track driver progress
• Reduces customer calls for status
• Provides reporting

Go to and click on TowTrax Roadside assistance. See how it works. We are testing with several large customers and we have tows for you today. To sign up now call Dan Messina at 469-774-0340 or e-mail Dan at

Contact Info

  • Southwest Tow Operators
  • 660 N Central Expressway, Suite 230
  • Plano, Texas 75074
  • Toll Free: (866) 320-9300

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