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Why Finance now?

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Why lease a fleet of tow trucks or finance even a single wrecker today? Why not buy new equipment outright if your company has the cash—or hold on to your money and run those old coaches just a few thousand miles more?

Reasonable questions, certainly, for tow-company owners to ask—but the answers might surprise you. According to the Equipment Leasing & Finance Association, seven of 10 businesses in the U.S. lease or finance their equipment—and you should consider these options, too. Leasing or financing can provide your firm with access to high-quality equipment that helps your company grow.

Working with an equipment leasing and finance firm like Advantage Funding, which specializes in the vocational equipment industry, you can apply to qualify for 100% financing, with no down payment. You can also take advantage of technology upgrades by changing out equipment every few years through a provision in your lease or finance contract.

There are other advantages to equipment leasing or financing as well. Tow operators can free themselves from the hassles of equipment remarketing and disposal, because we provide these services, too. What's more, we can simplify your billing, bundling costs into a single invoice, so you can make one payment every month.

Whether you need to refresh your fleet or replace a rusting tow truck, you owe it to your firm to consider equipment leasing or financing. Advantage Funding has served the tow industry since 1997 and is the largest independent Commercial Transportation Lender in the U.S. We know your business, and we have the flexibility to provide solutions when banks and others can't. Use us to your Advantage!


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