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Small businesses, when viewed alone, do not have much power or influence. Often, these small businesses and others like them are unable to successfully push for the privileges to which they should be entitled as a business. With over 27 million small businesses operating in the United States, Rapport recognized the potential benefits of pooling together these individual purchasing powers.

CorpMatch is an online business-to-business networking group created for the purpose of saving small businesses money. CorpMatch levies the buying power of its 3000+ members and its expertise in negotiation to command discounts not normally available to small businesses.

Rapport started CorpMatch with the mission of bringing to small businesses the kinds of savings and discounts typically only available to large companies and corporations. Too many small businesses continue to shop for products and services as if they were regular consumers, and CorpMatch has set out to change these buying habits. By leveraging his own background in business and negotiation, Rapport initiated the program with just a few members and vendors. To date, the start-up has already signed up close to 3000 member businesses in just 6 months and inked discount programs with major companies such as Staples, AutoZone, Orbitz for Business, FedEx, NXGEN, TimeWarner Cable, Michelin, ADP, 1800Flowers, and USPS. By concentrating the purchasing power of thousands of small businesses under one umbrella, CorpMatch has created the largest non-industry specific trade association and lobbied for corporate rate pricing and discounts on everything from office supplies to tires.

By offering these discounted rates to its members, CorpMatch encourages small businesses to focus on saving. CorpMatch is developing a program that would allow it to become an educational tool for small businesses. Many small business owners fail to recognize how much money they are losing by purchasing goods and services as though they were typical consumers. However, they often lack the time or the manpower to search for and acquire the discounts they deserve. As a result, they end up paying in full or signing up for multiple programs that each provides only one of the discounts they need. CorpMatch provides a web platform where members can get all the discounts they need in one place.

The ultimate vision is for CorpMatch to create something of a “Small Business Land” where small businesses go for everything. The goal is for this medium to evolve into something of the world’s largest small business social network - a place where these small businesses can interact with one another, acquire a practical business education, access deals and discounts, share ideas, opinions and updates, and exchange products and services.

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