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STO Legislative Accomplishments

Bills Passed Bill number Date
Implemented Certification Testing and Continuing Education for tow operators all over the state, including bi-lingual and oral testing. Helped thousands of tow operators comply with TDLR requirements and obtain proper licenses. HB 2094 2007
Major Clean-Up Bill Reducing and Correcting current laws SB 702 2009
Lobbied TDLR successfully for a fair minimum PPI tow fee ($250) SB 1431 2009
Added Tow Trucks to MOVE OVER LAW HB 378 2011
Lowered # of days to keep vehicles prior to sale from 72 to 45 HB 3510 2011
Major Clean-Up Bill Reducing and Correcting current laws HB 3510 2011
Made tow hearing jurisdiction anywhere in county where vehicle was towed, eliminating need for VSF to list specific JP each time on letters and invoices HB338 2013
Bills Killed:
Required VSF's to let 2 people on VSF lot to retrieve vehicle HB 91 2009
Required VSF's to release stolen vehicles to owner at no charge SB 46 2009
Allowed cities to regulate daily storage fees HB 3087 2009
IM tow regulation: 1.required VSF to release cargo AT NO CHARGE with 1 hours notice 2. add trucking company and passenger commercial carrier reps to TOWING ADVISORY BOARD 3.required tow ticket to be prepared along with itemized bill to be presented to vehicle owner PRIOR to tow 4. required all IM tows to be reported to TDLR monthly SB 1321 2011
If tow company lost tow hearing, they would have to pay vehicle owner AND STATE to reimburse tow and storage charges HB 3553 2011
Vehicle purchaser would have to pay tax assessor $25 per car for each Storage Lein processed SB 1036 2011
Allowed used car dealers to tow own vehicles without having a TDLR Tow Company/Operator license SB 298 2013

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