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Legislative Update 6-25-2014

Legislative Update

It’s hard to believe that another legislative session for Texas will begin this January! I am so glad this occurs only once every two years. We have a lot of work ahead of us as usual!

And, don’t forget that Southwest Tow Operators is here working every day between sessions to make sure that the laws and rules are interpreted properly throughout the state by law enforcement and TDLR inspectors.

We need your support all year and every year to protect our industry! If you are not a member of Southwest Tow Operators, you need to join today. I know it’s hard to write that check when things are seemingly running along so smooth. Our full-time staff and lobbyist work all year to make sure that our members can concentrate on what they do best: TOWING! Also, we rely on test certification and continuing education funds to run our organization. Please make sure your drivers use STO for their testing and continuing education so we can continue to fight for our industry!

Here are some items we have been working on for you:

VSF 265 Storage Lein issues: We are working with DMV and tax assessors around the state to clear up the confusion on storage lein processing.

Tow Signs: We are working on new verbiage for tow signs law that will simplify the tow sign requirements and make it easier to comply with the law.

Registering Used Tow Trucks: We worked with TDLR to put some things in place so that registering a used tow truck is not such a hassle.

Rules and Statute simplification: TDLR has asked us to work with them to further simplify the rules and statutes. We are working on this project as I write this. If there are any rules or laws that you think should be completely eliminated, please email us as soon as possible.

We will be at Tow Expo International in San Antonio August 7-10 to do testing and education for the industry. Don’t miss our conference on Sunday where we will go over the Top Ten TDLR violations and how to comply with the most common violations.


  • Keep your membership current
  • Consider upgrading to premium or executive membership if you are able
  • Require that your drivers use STO for testing and continuing education

God bless and safe travels!

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