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aradirect-imacDiscover ARADirect --
a Better Solution for Selling Abandoned Vehicles

As a tow operator, the abandoned vehicles on your lot can quickly become a financial burden. In the past, there were only two ways to sell these vehicles, via auction houses or by bringing an auctioneer on site. Today, there is a new way.  

Introducing ARADirect, a revolutionary online auction platform that allows you to easily sell vehicles from your lot without moving them!   The Automotive Recycler’s Association (ARA) program allows you to directly upload your inventory to the site for instant auction and exposure to hundreds of auto recyclers throughout North America. Here’s why you need to start selling your vehicles through ARADirect TODAY…

  • ZERO Seller Fee; Nominal User Fee
    Paying less in fees means more money in your pocket.


  • ZERO Transportation Fee
    Eliminate the cost of transporting abandoned vehicles to physical auctions by selling them from your lot.


  • Daily Auctions
    No need to wait for the next auction. Deals are happening every day online.


  • Support Your State Towing Association
    A small portion of your user fee goes directly to your local state towing association which ultimately benefits you.


  • Ease of Use
    Our mobile app makes listing vehicles simple. It’s as easy as scanning the vehicle’s VIN bar code and snapping some photos!  


Start selling through ARADirect today. Sign-up is easy and it’s FREE.

Register at and then download the iBidSmart mobile app from Android or Apple.

ARADirect is powered by iBidSmart, an expertly crafted technology that enables vehicle suppliers to run their own auctions online.

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  • Southwest Tow Operators
  • 660 N Central Expressway, Suite 230
  • Plano, Texas 75074
  • Toll Free: (866) 320-9300

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